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Boiling Springs, FAA Radar Site, and Sage Hen Reservoir

By rockhopjohn - Posted on 04 June 2013

 Decided yesterday that I needed to get out and hit some more Challenge Sites, I got all packed up this morning, and then decided to hop on the site to check a couple things.  Low and behold, Silverspurs just posted a ride for this weekend to do these exact sites along the route I planned to take.  So I had to decide whether I wanted to wait or not.  Because of my work situation I am not sure I'd be around this weekend so I decided to go for it.

The first stop was Boiling Springs, north of Crouch.  It was early in the day and there were a bunch of kids buzzing around on dirt bikes behind the gate, so I decided to move on. By the end of the day I could have used a soak in the springs.
Looks like camping is about 12 bucks a night, and an extra 5 bucks for each additional bike at the site, so if you head up to camp here make sure to bring some cash.
From here I took FR 600 over the ridge. It was steep, somewhat rutted with a fair number sections with sand and sharp curves, but it made for a fun ride. The new front tire was working WAY better, especially once I got the pressure right.
 I ended up turning onto East Mountain Road (FR 417) which has great views of Cascade Lake and the valley. East Mountain Road eventually dumped me onto Clear Creek Road, finally hitting SR 55 at Clear Creek Station.  I cut straight across SR 55 and headed towards the FAA Radar Site.
They keep the road up to the radar site in top notch condition, but it is only open to the general public from June 1st to November 15th.  Today they were grading and dumping lots of new gravel on the road, which made for lots of soft spots that were less than awesome.  But the views made up for it.
View to the west on the way up.
Panorama at the top.
View on the way back down looking at the south end of the Cascade Valley.
From here the Benchmark Map indicated that there would be a good way to cut across to Sage Hen Reservoir.  I got about halfway there before the roads  turned into a tangle of unmarked heavily rutted logging roads.  I was able to eventually work my way over to the reservoir, but not before this happened.
I'd like to say there was a good story, but it had to do with an unlevel surface and trying to grab my cell phone.
So once I finally got on the right road, I hit the Sage Hen Meadow, which was absolutely beautiful today.

Finally made it down to the Reservoir.  I was beautiful too, and there was tons of great camping.
View from the boat ramp.
From here I headed down to Sweet-Ola Road and hauled butt back to the house.
Anyway a great day and a bunch of places I might not have found otherwise without the IAMC.
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