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Finishing up the SE ID Challenge Sites

By rockhopjohn - Posted on 14 August 2013

 I had a wedding to go to down in Twin Falls this past weekend, and I figured I would head out after the wedding and try to knock out all the challenge sites I hadn't down in SE ID.

I camped just south of Twin in the south hills along Rock Creek.
I headed south toward Magic Mountain, and over the top to drop down into Oakley and on through City of Rocks.
After you head out from City of Rocks to the SE, there is a whole lot of nothing.
I stopped at the Naf Mercantile for lunch.  This place is out in the middle of nowhere, I am always amazed how places like this can stay in business.
I tried to work my way down to Promontory without a map and just the small screen on my GPS.  This was one of my failed attempts.  I finally decided I couldn't get there from here and turned around at this point.
Finally on the right road, the previous road is down in the bottom there somewhere.
Finally made it to the Golden Spike National Historic Site.
I worked my way from Promontory up to Preston and then over the top towards Bear Lake, I ended up camping near Emigration Pass.
First stop of the next day was Paris Tabernacle church.
After breakfast in Montpelier I worked my way north on Slug Creek. The sheep were on the move.
After hitting Caribou City, I hot footed it up to Ketchum where I spent the night, and then on up towards Stanley, and the Pole Creek Guard Station.
From here I headed up to Redfish Lake.
With my final stop before heading back home at Josephus Lake.  After a few days of riding my dogs were barkin'.

This trip wrapped up all of my challenge sites accept for the ones down in Oregon, which I am thinking about hitting this weekend.
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