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Big Lookout Mountain

By solojim - Posted on 21 October 2014

 Sat. Oct. 18th 2014 

I was joined by Coolsen and Ridefar at the Gas Station on the corner of HWY 30 and Hwy 44 off the Middleton Exit at 9:00 am. We set off for a chilly ride out to Big Lookout Mountain, taking Hwy 30 to Hwy 52 through Payette and then the 201.  I had never been on this section of road and it ended up being a really nice drive.  201 follows the Snake River and made for some great views and fun turns.

From the 201 we hopped on the Freeway for a few miles till we got to the exit that takes us to Big Lookout Mt.  The Freeway is always fun on my little DR350(not really).

The road to the lookout was pea gravel for the first few miles and was not a ton of fun but the views were nice.  The road then got a lot better and ended up being a nice ride in.

When we got to the base of the peak that the Lookout sits on we came across a gate.  We all decided to make the hike to the top and I'm glad we did, the view from up top was awesome.

We then hiked back down to the bikes and had some lunch. 

On the ride out we went through Lime, Oregon and stopped at the ruins there.  It was pretty neat.  It looked like the set of a post-apocalyptic movie. Real Mad Max kind-of stuff. Then down Hwy 30 to Huntington and Farwell Bend.  

On the way back, between Payette and Middleton we stopped at a historic site where old Fort Wilson once stood and also a Monument to the Soldiers that died in a Plane crash in 1958 near there. God bless our troops.

Overall it was a great ride and it was good to meet Coolsen and Ridefar.  They were both great to ride with and a pleasure to talk with.  I am new to the club it is great to meet new people that share the same addiction to riding.  Thanks guys!

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