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Three Forks Tomorrow Morning (03/19/10)

By HBToni - Posted on 18 March 2010

     I just got back from a camping trip at Three Forks (I'm located in Boise).  The weather was as comfortable as it will get all year and the water crossings were at most knee deep as well.  I've decided I will ride my motorcycle back up there again tomorrow morning as soon as the sun rises; it will make for a very enjoyable ride!  On the way back I might stop by Jordan Craters as well.  I would love anyone else's company on this ride. It will probably take somewhat around eight to nine hours and the sun rises at eight am.  

These are the two water crossings:

     I know this is a very late notice, but if you would like to join feel free to give me a call as late as you want or post to this thread.  My number is (208) 353-0736.