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Help with a shakedown cruise

By av_mech - Posted on 18 May 2010

Hi all! My name is Tyson and I haven't met anyone in person yet.  If anyone has been following me on advrider, I've been rebuilding a 1994 KLX650R.  I will have it ready for a shakedown cruise later this week.  I just have a cooling fan issue, new rear tire to mount, and tail light to mount, and a few other odds and ends to finish and two months of work is ready for a ride!  I'm looking for someone that's willing to ride with me to make sure all the bugs are worked out on a short ride into the foothills.  It'd be great if you have some carb experience, I am still dealing with a hanging idle that I have a few ideas about, but have never worked on carbs before.  I have ridden this bike around town and I am very confident in it's reliability.  The engine pulls strongly, totally rewired by me (Aircraft electrician by day), valve job, new berings, fixed airbox, a little welding, brand new 606's front and back, and a long list of little things that were replaced along the way as I found a problem with them during the rebuild.  Just needs a touch of fine tuning in the carb.  I will def be ready by the weekend.  I'd be super happy if someone even  wanted to just come over sometime this week in the evening and listen to it with me and kick a few ideas around.  It'd be great if someone could help me get over this last hump so I can start posting my own ride reports!  Pm me if you could meet up later this week or weekend.  Thanks, Tyson