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My wife passed the BRC!

By FoolHardy - Posted on 25 May 2010

After me having the KLR for three years, my wife has taken an interest in riding. She started riding with me last fall, and realized that she wasn't scared witless like she was with her boyfriend in the past. So we bought her her own helmet, jacket and gloves. Then this spring she got the bug to ride her own ride.  We picked up a '75 Honda 90 for her on Mother's day, and are having delays with the title which should be straightened out this week. Of course she is not in love with the bike, she really wants a small streetbike, but like so many others I started on one, and thought it would be a good place for her to start. I have been wanting to pick one up on the cheap for a while now, a good little machine for camping, giving rides to the little ones in the backyard, something that the 12 year old can handle. We have been out riding ditchbanks  a couple hours a day twice a week since we bought it. She calls me a "safety nazi" and knew better than to argue when I insisted she take the class, wear the gear, buy some books, ect.... Her instructors said she kicked ass!  I'm proud of her!