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Need help with heated grips

By dwilliams - Posted on 31 May 2010

I just picked up an '02 DRZ400, and the guy I bought it from had installed heated grips.  I don't really know much about them, as I have never owned a bike with them and have never installed them.  I want to change bars to a set of higher bars as I am pretty tall, and these bars just are not going to cut it.  Is there anything special I need to do or be aware of so as to not ruin the heated grips?  I'm afraid to just remover the grips for fear of damaging the heating element.  I do not know if I need to take special precautions, or if I can just remove them, or if I can even remove them at all without damaging them.  If anyone has any insight to this problem is would br greatly apperciated.