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Anyone want to ride this weekend?

By dwilliams - Posted on 03 June 2010

So, I met a few of you at the discovery park bbq when I joined the club.  Aside from joining the challenge and hitting a couple spots, I havn't done any rides with the club yet as I was waiting to find a used dr-z for sale.  Now that I've got my bike I'm eager to get out and do some riding.  I'm thinking about going out saturday and hitting a few challenge spots.  I was thinking about going up 8th street and dropping down into Robie creek, then taking grimes creek over to placerville to get that off the list.  From Placerville I thought I'd head to Garden Valley, and then over to Banks and on up to Pine Hurst Church and back through Sweet.

I've heard a lot on the news about flooding, I'm not sure if there's any issues with any of these areas, if anyone has heard of any problems here let me know.  My plan B would probably be a ride to Mayfield and then over to Castle Rock, and maybe back through Fall Creek then to Prairie and on down blacks creek road.

Thought I would post this to see if anyone was interested, of if perhaps anyone else had a ride in mind that they might need some company on.  Let me know if anyone's interested.  Also, any info on road conditions would be great.  I havn't heard of any flooding in these locations, but I know some roads and bridges in McCall got wiped out, and I think I heard something about some flooding near Ola...


-  Dennis