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Online Garage Sale

By dwilliams - Posted on 10 June 2010

I have several items I've been holding onto the past year, and they continue to take up space in my closet, garage, and storage shed.  I thought I'd post them on here to see if anyone else could use them.  Perhaps someone has an empty void in their garage that needs to be filled.  Feel free to make an offer if you don't think my prices are fair, but I think there pretty reasonable.  Hopefully someone out there can use some of this!  E-mail me or give me a call if interested.  412-4659

-  Dennis

Thor size 32 motorcross pants, few years old and well worn.  Still in decent useable shape if you know anyone who can actually fit into a 32.  I havn't been able to wear these for about 3 years...    -  Free


Thor Static over the boot, zip off into shorts riding pants.  Size 34, great condition, I just don't like the over the boot style pant.   -  $15


Thor Impact Rig Chest Protector.  Removeable back armor for wearing a packpack.  Great condition, I just have a zac pack chest protector, so I don't use this anymore.  -  $30


Pro Taper 1-1/8" fat bars.  Not sure what the bend is, seems to be about 3/8" shorter than CR HI bends.  - $25


IRC Trials GP-1 Rear dual sport tire.  DOT Approved for highway.  4.60-18,  95% tread left.  Used this tire on my WR for about a month and then switched to an actual Trials tire instead of a dual sport tire for traction.  - $25


Front nobbie.  Not for highway.  Shinko Holeshot S.T. 524.  80/100-21,  95% tread left.  Was brand new on my WR when I bought it, only ridden on 3 or 4 times when I swapped tires.  - $25


Front dual sport tire.  Shinko Trail Master E-700.  DOT approved for highway.  3.00-21,  about 65%-75% tread left, I've never seen these brand new, so this is just an assumption.  - $20


Rear dual sport tire.  Shinko Trail Master E-700.  DOT approved for highway.  130/80-18,  about 30% tread left...?  - $10


Rear Dunlop Sports D756 nobbie.  Not for highway use.  30%-40% tread left.  - $10


I also have a WR400 rear fender without the tail/brak light.  - Free

WR250 OEM skid plate.  -  Free

Again, 412-4659.  Feel free to call or e-mail if you think you can use anything here.  Thanks,

-  Dennis