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Day Ride 7/17

By RonS - Posted on 15 July 2010

I'm planning a day ride for Saturday 7/17.  The plan is to hit three challenge sites; Deadwood, Bear Valley and Pilot Peak.  We will be leaving Boise about 8:00AM from the Chevron on Hwy 55 at Beacon Light Rd.

The route will be up 55 to Banks and then over to Garden Valley.  We'll top off the tanks at Garden Valley and then head toward Deadwood.  From Deadwood, we'll take the Landmark/Stanley Road to Bear Valley.  We'll then take Bear Valley Road to Lowman and then 21 down to Pilot Peak.  From Pilot Peak, we'll take Bear Run Rd to Idaho City.  It will be close to 150 miles between Garden Valley and Idaho City, so you'll need at least that much fuel range.

Depending on the time, we might try to swing through Placerville on the way back.  There's an Auto Rally Race in that area on Saturday, so that could be a problem.  If it's late, we'll probably just shoot down 21 to Boise.

If you're interested, reply here