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Trinity Lookout, Rocky Bar Loop

By oldnut - Posted on 22 July 2010

I wanted to get Trinity Mountain Lookout checked off my Challenge 2010 list.  steelhead needed 2 more sites for a bronze so we dediced to go for it.  We left Boise at 7 am. and travelled Black's Creek road to Prairie, over Meadow Creek road and up the Fall Creek road to the Trinity Mountain road.  The ride along the South Fork Boise River is always eye candy.

At the Trinity road summit you can see the lookout and the "road" to it cutting across the side of the mountain.  The ride up was gnarly and a definite class 3+ climb with short stretches of what looked to me like borderline class 4 ...loose rock, sharp switchbacks and sheer drop offs.  Yes that little spot on the top of the far peak is the lookout.

At the top we visited with the ranger (nice guy with good info) and took in the pure air and fine views..

We made our challenge photos ...


Vertigo strikes!

"airing out" after the big workout  Lil' Kawkroach restin' after climb

...and I made panorama shots that I've Photoshopped together.  The ranger pointed out the Sawtooths, White Cloud Peak and Borah Peak!!!  WOW.  There are 9 (nine!) lakes below the lookout all stocked with hungry cutthroat and rainbow trout.

Here's what it looked like from the bottom ...

   This is the good stretch

...view near Trinity Road summit

  ...wildflowers in abundance.

We then continued on the Trinity Mountain road after a mosquito-attack-shortened snack break at Big Roaring Lake.  One 3 or 4 mile section had a lot of deadfall from diseased trees.

At Rocky Bar ol' steelhead bagged his 10th site making him eligible for a bronze knobby. 

We then lit out for Featherville and stopped for cheesburger washed down with Mtn. Dew and chicken wrap special in Pine.  It looked like we would have enough gas to finish the trip with 100 miles left on our range.  Back on Lester road then up Fall Creek on to Meadow Creek road to Prairie and home on Black's Creek.  GPS said:  201 miles, saddle time 5:53 hours.  Roads are very dusty now with no rain in sight and fire season lurking. 

The ride into the lookout is not for the faint-hearted.  A KLR is probably the limit to bike size.  I'd recommend you not attempt this one solo.  The ride up Fall Creek is a hoot and the views are spectacular!  Lookout is open 10 am. to 6 pm. weekdays unless the ranger is busy otherwise calling in  ...fires?

This ride did not suck

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