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ARE We Anemic or is it just Winter! Now my mindless Banter

By idahosam - Posted on 31 January 2011

Alright, club members, I am getting a little perturbed at the lack of activity or should I say lethargic  movement of this particular site.


I know we had the Holidays and then football, but no one is posting conversing or in general providing general winter bantering.  Well needless to say I throughly enjoyed seeing all at the annual IAMC meet/Challenge awards.  It would appear we have all drifted off in different directions, but hopefully the currents will change bringing us back.


Heath it was very good to see you and I am sorry I did not pop over to meet your beautiful wife.....  my most humble apologies.


Ken Hunter is about to embark on yet another envious adventure to the Superstitious Mountains of AZ; his excuse, to warm up.


And the ever elusive and rare sighting of Dr. Craig Olsen Good seeing you.


I must the really be out of the loop because RWC informed me he indeed did sell his KTM.......SHOCK!


In general Phil, BMike and many others appeared to be in good sprits, and always good to see smiling Jay (Sasquatch) sorry I didn't get to chat more.


So with winter hopefully winding down a short but robust non mud slinging ride is in order, now if can just get the stars to align and the weather to accommodate maybe a Saturday ride to Bruneau Canyon Overlook is in order........   What say thee?


Really good seeing everyone, perhaps, just perhaps a small gathering to engage in friendly bantering is in order.   Flying Pie anyone?


The floor is open.