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Wieser Sand Dunes

By RonS - Posted on 29 March 2020

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  • Site # 10
  • GPS Coordinates: N44.293576 W117.209623
  • Elevation: feet
  • Benchmark Page:
  • Benchmark Coordinates:
  • Ride Difficulty:


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 silverspurs at Wieser Sand Dunes... visited along with Dan...  a beautiful day!

Posted by silverspurs on 2020-04-09 22:41

 I love the sand....I use to ride Glamis dunes in California,  so I had the chance to take the Tiger to the sand....Um  I passed I will leave that up to the DRZ and other light bikes. 

Posted by rScherzer on 2020-04-11 09:36
26APR2020 – 09 Weiser Sand Dunes


I get a text at 1800 on Saturday, “ride tomorrow at 0900.” Fifteen hours notice. That’s pretty good for Cuprum Hermit (CH), and I’d rather ride than work on the plumbing in the garage – so, I’m IN!
BillBart and I got to CH’s house at 0850. About five minutes later, another BMW rolls up. Good, I’m not outnumbered by pumpkins for a change. It’s Special Ed! We say our hellos, and point our bikes toward Weiser. Upon arrival, we ride directly to the ACE hardware store. I ask CH if he needs some bolts for his KTM, but he says that he’s good; and that we’re waiting for two more riders. A few minutes later, two more BMW’s roll in – this ride has just become the Weiser BMW MOA Rally! After handshakes all-around (we need no social distancing, we’re Adventure Riders!), we headed to Weiser Dunes.
Pavement and well-maintained gravel take you out to the sand. A 1996 Yugo could make it if the engine kept running long enough. Speaking of which, Do you know why a rear window defroster was standard equipment on the 90’s Yugo hatchbacks? To keep your hands warm while pushing. 
Next stop, site 08 - Mineral.


Posted by KaptSlow on 2020-04-27 09:03

 Luckily riding sand was not planned for the day

Posted by billbart on 2020-04-27 13:19

 Have seen these dunes from I-84 many times   thanks to the challenge I got to actually visit and see them up close  Awesome

Posted by nohvccbob on 2020-05-01 20:58

 Had to give someone a job reference while riding over the first sand drift. Hopefully my swearing didn't predjudice anyone. 

Posted by superchunk22 on 2020-05-11 21:46

Rode over from Boise in a torential downpour.  Soaking wet, a good experience what not to wear in the ran. I would like to come back and see this place in the sunshine.

Posted by Trent on 2020-06-14 10:16

 the fun part of this ride was my race with a train on the way out

Posted by englund on 2020-08-24 14:16

 Wonderful ride through the farmland from Hidden Springs

Posted by ksthomas on 2020-09-28 06:27

Special Ed @ Wieser Sand Dunes

Posted by Special Ed on 2020-11-10 12:30

 Gary Kayser @ Wieser Sand Dunes

Posted by Gary Kayser on 2020-12-20 13:28