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Trailside Tire Repair Clinic

By RonS - Posted on 11 May 2021

  •  Community Event
  •   05/24/2021 - 6:00 pm
  •   05/24/2021 - 8:00 pm
  •  ~n/a
  •  Happy Trails Products - 7577 Lemhi St, Boise
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Difficulty Rating:

1 - Beginner

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Ride Description:

 If you ride enough miles, eventually you're going to experience a flat tire.  I've seen nails, screws and even a bolt sticking out of tires over the years.  A flat tire in a remote area could be a big problem if you aren't prepared.

In this clinic, we will go over the tools and equipment that everyone should carry with them.  We will demonstrate the technique of removing a tire and repairing or replacing an inner tube on the trail.

The nice folks at Happy Trails Products will have some BBQ for the group.

If you are new to Adventure Riding, this is an important skill to learn.  If you are a veteran rider, it never hurts to refresh your memory and pick up some tricks from other riders.


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