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Site 21 Flint, ID Benchmark Page 70 F5 N42 55.003 W116 46.956 Elv 5300

By capt.ed - Posted on 13 March 2011

Some ten miles southwest of Silver City is the town of Flint. Still standing are several frame houses and part of the old mill. The town had a population of about fifteen hundred inhabitants, a post office, livery stable, stores and the usual saloons. Indians were a constant threat and took the lives of a number of its people. Two remote graves on a juniper-covered hilltop nearby are those of William L. Black and his daughter-in-law, an Emma Myers. From a vantage point on Saddle Rock, an Indian shot a well placed arrow as Black stepped from his cabin. The town lost several of its prominent citizens in battles with the Indians before the U.S. Cavalry finally put down the uprising.

Directions: From Silver City head up Long Gulch to the top and turn south along the fence line. Then follow the old stage route to Flint. About 1/3 of the way you will hit a cross road. Don't turn. Continue straight. This is and ATV, mouantain bike, hiking trail. Round trip from Silver City is 26 Miles. There is a cemetary. Go west across the creek, then take the trail on the left that takes you up to the hill south west of the town. This is a steep rocky trail. Two brick toms and a couple of head stones. This town is on Private Property.
REMAINS: Ruins of the mill and a few buildings.