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Flint Ride

By Special Ed - Posted on 03 October 2011

A few of us took advantage of the mild fall weather this weekend and decided to take a ride. Our destination was Flint ID

heading out



I was not long before we got into the nasty stuff.






Walking the trail to pick the right line


Taking a little break after the fun stuff.


The next stop was a hidden pond






Afterthought mine


Water tank at the mine










Next stop is Flint





Inky checking out the old timbers





Looking through the mill windows



Flint taxi?


I did not take any more pictures untill we split up when we hit Hwy95. Inky and i wanted to run down into Leslie Gulch and the rest was headed home, so Inky and I made a made dash. I did get a few pictures...




Thats all I got, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Special Ed

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