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South Fork of Boise River

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Blacks Creek Rd heading to Prairie, Idaho
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Trinity Lookout, Rocky Bar Loop

I wanted to get Trinity Mountain Lookout checked off my Challenge 2010 list.  steelhead needed 2 more sites for a bronze so we dediced to go for it.  We left Boise at 7 am. and travelled Black's Creek road to Prairie, over Meadow Creek road and up the Fall Creek road to the Trinity Mountain road.  The ride along the South Fork Boise River is always eye candy.

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Run for the Bronze

  •  Community Ride
  •   07/24/2010 - 9:00 am
  •   07/25/2010 - 5:00 am
  •  ~325
  •  Rockies Diner, Boise
  •  Primitive Camping
  •  Every 150 Miles
  •  Pack it in, Pack it out

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3 - Advanced Skills

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Making a quick run to check off some Challenge Points.  My general route will be Boise, Prairie,Trinity Lookout, Rocky Bar, Featherville, Big Smokey, Indian Head Rock, Fairfield.  Then a deviated route to Little City of Rocks, Morman Reservoir, Mountain Home, and back to Boise.  This should collect 4 Challenge Points.  I set it as a Level 3 since getting to Trinity Lookout can be difficult and I don't know the snow conditions of that area. 

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Ride the Boise Mountains Loop

Early in the week I decided to try to pull as many challenge sites within a days ride as possible on July 15th.  My regular riding sidekick was feeling overwhelmed having just returned from a fishing ride  to Cascade so I planned a loop that would take me northeast on ID 21 from Boise past Idaho City to Pilot Peak, east to Graham, south to Atlanta and Rocky Bar then on to Featherville, Pine, Prairie and back to Boise.

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Little Rock City and Winter Camp ride

FINALLY!  Summer is on the way.  With the sun in my face I took on the collection of IAMC Challenge 2010 sites 12 and 15.  On the way I decided to revisit the Centennial Marsh located south of Fairfield, Idaho, it's one of my favorite spring photo opportunities.  The marsh is easy to get to, just turn south of US 20 at Hill City and follow the signs.  As you wind your way through the marsh lands, take it slow and enjoy the blooming camas and

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