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2013 Challenge

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Passes, Summits and a Gap

The sun was long up before I hit the super-slab eastbound on what would be a five day, four night swing through eastern Idaho, Wyoming and just slices of Montana and Utah on the trip to claim eleven of forty-five IAMC 2013 Challenge sites.    I planned to tent camp most nights so I packed accordingly but that plan disintegrated as my ancient body pined for more creature comforts.

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Finishing up the SE ID Challenge Sites

 I had a wedding to go to down in Twin Falls this past weekend, and I figured I would head out after the wedding and try to knock out all the challenge sites I hadn't down in SE ID.

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McCall and Whitebird Challenge Sites.

 Got a wild hair yesterday around noon to go up and hit all of the IAMC Challenge sites up north of McCall and around Whitebird.  So I packed up and hit the road. I didn't realize it until I started fiddling with my GPS along the way, but there was one site I hadn't been to right along the way, Paddy Flat Guard Station.

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Boiling Springs, FAA Radar Site, and Sage Hen Reservoir

 Decided yesterday that I needed to get out and hit some more Challenge Sites, I got all packed up this morning, and then decided to hop on the site to check a couple things.  Low and behold, Silverspurs just posted a ride for this weekend to do these exact sites along the route I planned to take.  So I had to decide whether I wanted to wait or not.  Because of my work situation I am not sure I'd be around this weekend so I decided to go for it.

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