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1 - Beginner

Even the most inexperienced rider will feel comfortable taking their shiny new 1200GS or similar bike on a level one ride. Level one rides consist of all pavement and gravel road, with predictable corners, and generally flat grades. Riders will progress at slower speeds such as 30 m.p.h. or less off pavement.

My First IAMC Challenge 2010 Outing (should have been simple)


On Friday, April 16th, I finally decided to get off my butt and get a membership here and to register for the Challenge as well.  Friday was already beautiful and the entire weekend was predicted to be the same and Challenge 2010 was just what I needed to give me some new destinations to set out to. 

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How to Post Challenge Images

So, before we really really get under way on the challenge, I thought we should clear up how to post your "proof of arrival" images. We will probably have 40 or 50 participants in the challenge, figure an average of 25 images per participant. That's around 1200 images for somebody to sort through. Terri is probably going to be the one trying to keep track of who's been where. Let's make this as easy for her as we can. Who wants to be mean to Terri? Do you want to be mean to Terri? I didn't think so.